A Solution that aims to safely speed up the approval processes that occur in companies, considering its particularities and existing rules.

Simple Approval has two integrated modules:

  • The Approval Center, which is installed on a cloud server, where it is possible to: configure and create requests for approval, register approvers, check process status, export data and generate reports.
  • The Approval APP, which is installed on the mobile device, where it is possible to: approve and disapprove requests, as well as, view data from requests and attached documents.

The Applicant and the Approver receive messages by e-mail, WhatsApp and SMS, which facilitate and speed up the entire evaluation process.

All the information that flows during the approval process is recorded in the database, allowing queries and reports, whenever necessary.

Simple Approval is the ideal solution for companies that operate in a decentralized way, that have bases and teams working in field, and that require a fast and safe approval process.

With your mobile phone connected to the internet, it is possible for you and your team to approve requests from anywhere on the planet, in just a few clicks.


The administrators of the solution are responsible for:

  • Registering applicants and approvers;
  • Configuring the features provided in the solution;
  • Assisting users with day-to-day enquiries;
  • Keeping in touch with the Simple NetWork team in order to clarify doubts, send suggestions or request corrections.


The Approvers are registered in the solution with their respective scopes and restrictions. When a request is generated, it is defined by the requester who is (are) the necessary approver(s). The solution sends a message via WhatsApp stating that there is a request for approval. The Approver accessing the Approval APP can view the request, analyze, and approve or not the request.


Applicants are responsible for entering requests that require approval in the Approval Center. The applicant fills in all the necessary information, and if desired, attaches documents for viewing, then, selects the approver(s) and saves their request. The information is registered while awaiting approval.

Solution Architecture

The solution, which is installed on a server in the Cloud, features a scalable architecture that integrates the Approval Center modules and the Approval App. The model was built so that all actions are synchronous, that is, when a request is made and saved, the Approver receives a message immediately. On the other hand, when he approves or disapproves the request, the new status is also updated in real time.

Request Status

All information that is associated with a request is registered into a database.

Through the Approval Center, applicants and approvers involved with the request can consult its status.

Approvers can also review the status of requests by accessing the Approval App, where a list of all requests is displayed, indicating if it has been approved and disapproved.

Indicators & Reports

Considering that all information contained in requests is stored in the database, it is possible to generate reports and management indicators.

Approval Center provides a DashBoard, in which managers can check the status of requests, average time for approval, monthly indicator of approved and disapproved requests, number of requests still pending and other important pieces of information that can be generated.

Logotipo Simple Approval

Quick and secure solution in the cloud, which presents scalable and totally innovative architecture, and has two fully integrated applications: the “Approval Center”, installed on a server in the Cloud, and the “Approval APP”,  installed on the Mobile device. The result is a solution that, from anywhere in the world, you can consult, analyze, approve or disapprove your requests with only a few clicks.


100% safe tool in approval processes.


Unique and exclusive interface that allows the hiring company to monitor status of requests in real time.


Unique and exclusive interface that allows the hiring company to monitor status of requests in real time.


100% in the cloud and fast implementation.


Information regarding requests, approvals or disapprovals is stored in a database and can be consulted at any time.


All transactions are 100% registered, ensuring the integrity of requests that occurred on the platform, providing safety for your company.

Need to accelerate, streamline and digitize the requests and approval processes in your company?

Meet Simple Approval. Ideal solution for companies that are looking for a digital transformation of their processes. Developed, designed and built to make administrative routine and decision making quick, transparent and safe.

Systems Features


Simple Approval is an intelligent request management platform that was designed to make your business more digital.

Simple Approval is the ideal solution for companies that are looking for a digital transformation of their processes. The solution was developed, designed and built to make the administrative routine of companies more organized, safe and quick, all with greater mobility.

It will make your company’s request and approval process fast, transparent and secure. In addition, it has the advantage of eliminating papers and inputs, reducing your costs.

Its operation in the Cloud, totally innovative architecture and two fully integrated applications – the “Approval Center”, installed on a server, and the “Approval APP”. The result is a solution that, from anywhere in the world, within a few clicks, allows you to analyze, approve or disapprove your requests.

The Simple Approval solution is easy to implement and use. Once the solution is installed, the Simple NetWork team registers the main administrator. Following this process, the administrators themselves register the Approvers and Applicants.

Once this step is complete, the Requestors can access the solution via Approval Center, enter the data related to the request, select the approver(s), and if necessary, attach documents for the approver at the time of analysis and finally save.

The solution immediately sends a notification(s) to the approver(s) who then opens Approval APP, selects the request, analyzes the process and makes the decision to approve or disapprove.

Once the decision is made and registered, the solution changes the status of the request and sends a message to the requester stating that the process has already been completed.

It is up to the Requester to attach the document when preparing the request in the Approval Center. When opening the Approval App and selecting the request they can, if they think it’s necessary, view the document that will be attached. However, they will not be able to make changes to it.

Yes, the Simple NetWork team is ready to act on the integration of the solution when there is this demand from of the contractor. It is worth mentioning that the other party, in this case the owner of the other solution, needs to be involved and agree with the process.

Yes, in addition to the reports and indicators that already exist in the Approval Center, all information can be exported to an Excel sheet, where it can be worked more easily.

No, because it runs on the Simple Network Cloud, the setup for deployment is *simple, fast and low cost. In addition, we can customize the solution with the visual identity of your company.

*For integrations to legacy systems, deployment time may be longer.