Simple Wifi is the ideal lead generation solution. By making free internet available to customers who visit your location, you can collect data that will allow you to understand who your customer is, and use that data in marketing and loyalty campaigns, all in compliance with the LGPD.​

Simple WIFI

A new way to get to know your customers​

The platform was designeddeveloped and created to enhance the free WIFI service offered to customers of your establishment, generating leads that will allow you to create marketing strategies with the collected data.

The data provided in the completion of the registration form is stored in a database that can be exported and used with the consent of your customers. In additionthe registration form can be customized with the visual identity of your business.

Woman connects with cell phone on a free WiFi network

Advantages of Simple Wifi

  • Turns passive free wifi service into active;
  • Unifies all wifi networks of your establishments making the customer experience much better and bringing important data to you.
  • Generates important leads and consolidates them into a database;
  • Collects the consent of customers to use the data in marketing actions according to the LGPD;
  • Ensures full traceability of who, when, where, and for how long the free wifi was used in accordance with the Law of the Civil Framework of the Internet;
  • Allows you to monitor the frequency of your customers;

Simple WIFI

A new way to communicate with your customers


Tool 100% adherent Law No. 13,709/2018 General Data Protection Law and Law No. 12,965/2014 - Civil Framework of the Internet.
Take advantage of this channel to collect your customer's consent for use of their data in marketing activities.


Unique and exclusive interface for you to identify who are the customers who go to your establishment and use your free WiFi, all in a simple, fast and intuitive way.


The customer registration interface is simple, intuitive and 100% customized with the visual identity of your company.

Access to the free WiFi network can be done by reading a QRcode or simply selecting the name of the network.


Import your customers' data into the solution and improve the user experience.

100% cloud and fast implementation.


The information from the forms is stored in a database and can be exported whenever you want.


Complies with the civil framework of the internet, ensuring full traceability of who, when, and where, for how long and which device used free WiFi

Simple WIFI system features

Frequently Asked Questions

The Simple Wifi solution is a BIG Data platform that consolidates the data of the customers who use your free internet, allowing you to know your customers who go to your establishment.

Simple WiFi will help you in lead generation as it turns passive free WiFi service into activehelping in building a solid database that will allow you to take advantage of this data to perform marketing activities.

Yes, the Simple WiFi solution is adhering to law no. 13.709/2018 General Data Protection Law, because it uses mechanisms to request consent to the use of the data informed by customers during the registration process and authorizing the use of it.

Yes, the Simple WiFi solution guarantees total traceability of who, when, where, for how long and which device used free WiFi in accordance with the Marco Civil da Internet Law. Law No. 12,965 / 201.

The Process is very simple! When the client is in your propertyyou offer free internet access as a courtesy. To free up access to the client must connect to the WiFi network of your establishment and make a simple and fast registration.

The customer experience was fully considered in the construction of the solution,

when the costumer approaches or enters the establishment, they are automatically connected to the network and the entire history of the day and time of connection is updated in the user’s registration, which allows you to know which customer frequents your establishment the most.


By hiring the Simple WiFi solutionyou (or a person appointed by youwill receive access to a WEB page in which you can check, in real time and via dashboard, data, profiles and customer status. The platform allows the export of this data to an Excel sheet facilitating the processinganalysis and import of the data.

Of course! Simple NetWork has an additional service called Simple Analytics that supports our customers in compilinganalyzing and generating action plans based on agile methodologiesThis service works in conjunction with Simple WiFi and Simple Connect solutions. For more simple analytics detailsplease contact us.

The Simple WiFi solution has a fast implementation process, depending mainly on the installation of the equipment that will be needed and validated during the analysis process of the existing infrastructure, where the installation will be carried out and the type of business that the solution will serve, for example , corporate or retail environment.